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The Lake Annecy area is a paradise for cyclists and this tends to be the favoured form of transportation, particularly in the summer months.   It is possible to cycle around the lake (40km) and there is a dedicated cycle track along the whole of the west bank, through Annecy and into Annecy-Le-Vieux at the north-east of the lake.

The cycle track mostly follows the route of the former Annecy to Albertville railway line. It provides the opportunity to discover all the villages along the west bank of the lake, in a tranquil setting away from road traffic.

A bus service connects Annecy with Albertville.  The bus stop is 10 minutes walk away from the apartment, chez42.

A ferry service connects the port of Saint-Jorioz with the ports of Annecy and all the villages around the lake.  The ferry stop is 15-20 minutes walk from chez42.

Getting to Annecy from chez42

As the majority of visitors to chez42 will undoubtedy include a visit to Annecy as part of their itinerary, listed below are 4 ways to get there.


1          By Bicycle

Turn right onto the cycle track from chez42 and it is a leisurely 25-30 minute bike ride past a horse riding centre, beaches, Sevrier port, Sevrier church, restaurants and some stunning houses.  Plenty of bike racks are available in town to secure your bicycle.  A practical and highly enjoyable way to get to Annecy especially in peak season.

Tip - Why not stop off at Sevrier beach on the way?


2          By Boat                       May-September only             Timetable available at chez42

A very civilised way of getting to Annecy is by way of the taxi boat which leaves from the Saint-Jorioz boat stop near the marina.  This service follows a clockwise circuit around the lake and takes 30 minutes to get to Annecy.  We recommend a long lunch and then the 1h30 minute return leg to Saint-Jorioz via the beautiful villages of Veyrier, Menthon, Talloires, Doussard and Duingt.

Another tip - Why not ride a bicycle down to the boat-stop and take your bicycle on board the taxi boat at no extra charge.  Take a single ticket to Annecy, have lunch and bike back at your leisure along the cycle track.   Return journey by bicycle takes about 30 minutes or maybe more, depending on how much you have eaten!


3          By Bus

The nearest bus stop is at the end of the Route de Sales.   Return buses drop off at either the centre of Saint-Jorioz or opposite the Collège / Tresalpin bakery,  10 minutes walk from chez42.


4          By Car

In peak season, the central car parks fill up quickly so head off early or avoid the central car parks. The first car park to fill up is usually the Hôtel de Ville.  As an alternative, try Bonlieu, Courrier or Poste.


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